Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lesson 5: Binding Off

Do you have a rectangle that looks something like this? 

Good! Now, you're ready to bind off. This is how we end a piece of knitting. In some patterns, you may also see this called "casting off." The process is very simple. You will make two stitches of a new row, and just pass the first stitch over the second. Make another stitch, and pass the previous stitch over the new one. Keep going until you reach the end, and pass the working yarn right through the last stitch.


Watch how it's done in another of my cinematic masterpieces:

Ta-da! You have a finished piece of knitting! Now, set it aside in a safe place. We will be using it again. If you're ready for the next lesson, cast on the same number of stitches as you used for this piece, and we'll look at what stitch patterns we can create with the skills we've learned so far.

Here's my rectangle:

See what I mean about stockinette bending? We'll be fixing that soon.

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