Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lesson 3: Making Knit Stitches.

It's time to knit! Yay!

Start with another of my brilliantly made and edited videos:

I forgot to mention when wrapping the yarn around the working needle, wrap from front to back.

What I'm showing you in this video is how to make the knit stitch in the "continental" style of knitting. I use continental for several reasons. It's faster for most people, it doesn't have to be adapted for right or left handed knitters, and it works better with my preferred circular needles.

An "English" style also exists. It may have its uses for some people, if you have issues with arthritis, or limited mobility in your hands. Frankly, I am of very little use in demonstrating it, but a web search for the differences in continental and English style should enlighten you if you find continental style isn't working for you.

As long as you get your yarn through the stitches in the right direction, and pass them off of the left needle, you're knitting just fine.

Your stitches should look something like this:

This, as modeled by the Halloween version of the mascot of my favorite comic book shop, Southern Fried Comics, is called "Garter Stitch." Congratulations, you now know your first knit stitch pattern!

So, now you know how to choose your materials and tools for a first project, how to cast on, and how to make garter stitch. Once you're comfortable with these skills, try casting on about 25-30 stitches, and making a garter stitch square. Just keep making knit stitches until your piece is as long as it is wide. Then, move on to the next lesson. We are making something out of our practice pieces. In a few more lessons, you'll have your first hand knit project!

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